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Product information: DIY pompom painting material set
Brand: Crazy Pompom
Material package content: pompom ball, according to different shape, there are large and small hairballs, respectively;
Drawing board: with patterns, simple and easy to understand;
Glue gun: 100V-220V;
Rubber strip: 7mm in diameter;
Mini easel: solid wood material;
Instruction manual; tweezers;
Size: 20cm*20cm(7.8in*7.8in); 30cm*30cm(11.8in*11.8in); 30cm*40cm(11.8in*15.7in)

1. Add the glue stick to the glue gun, turn on the switch, and heat for 2-3 minutes;
2. According to the instructions in the manual, find the hairballs of the corresponding colors in different areas on the drawing board, apply glue on the drawing board or the hairballs, and make the collage. When pasting, the hairballs and hairballs are collaged tightly and neatly before they will appear even more.

The product may produce peculiar smell during packaging and transportation, and it will disappear after only a few days of ventilation. Please understand.
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  1. Rabbit
  2. DIY 3D POMPOM Art Sticker Material Set Adult, Gifts, Educational Toys, Tools: glue gun, glue strip, hair ball, drawing board, easel, manual, etc.
  3. DIY material package: The material package includes drawing board (11.8*11.8inch), multi-color and different size hairballs, small clips, glue gun, glue strips, glue, manual, non-marking nails, and sufficient hairballs in the material bag.
  4. Material: The drawing board is an oil painting frame combined with a solid wood tenon and tenon frame and an oil canvas, and the pattern is already printed with UV machine from Korea. The color of the hairball is bright and does not fade, and it is not easy to deform. According to different styles, different sizes will be used to increase the three-dimensional effect of the picture.
  5. Crowd: Suitable for adults and children over 3 years old. It is a perfect gift for relatives, friends and company team building gatherings. It improves intelligence and learning ability. It can relieve stress and relax after busy work.
  6. Function: The hairball painting DIY material kit can be used to exercise parent-child teamwork ability. It is a perfect gift for relatives and friends. It improves intelligence and hands-on ability. It can relieve stress and relax after work pressure; the pasted paintings can be used as hanging artwork for appreciation at home;
  7. Original design: in the package, colorful high elasticity balls with interesting patterns bring an interesting artistic experience to life. Meanwhile, we also accept customized services.


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